In portraying history on stage and screen, we are offered a chance to honor the memory of the past. Our job is to help filmmakers to balance historical accuracy with artistic design and modern limitations. The illustrious members of the Historic Insights team have the technical expertise and historical knowledge to guide filmmakers in portraying the past in the most effective way possible. Our team has been working in living history for decades, and in the film industry for years. Production teams are welcome to have individual consultations for your film or program or have Historic Insights on retainer with access to our superb and capable staff throughout the duration of your production.

Darrell R. Rivers - Chief Historical Advisor

Darrell Rivers is an experienced living historian in 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th century military history with a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise in portraying history on stage and screen. Darrell coordinates the Historic Insights team to bring professional and hands-on consulting to filmmakers and their staffs. Darrell is a former Associate Staffer for the Cultural Attache of the Embassy of Iraq in Washington DC, an Eagle Scout, and an active community leader and historic preservationist in Orange County, CA. Aside from military history Darrell is also well versed in costume design, landscape design, interior design history, linguistics, and anthropology. Darrell speaks Italian, Spanish, & Arabic.

Patrick Kreeger - Historical Advisor    Patrick Ryan Kreeger is a historian and collector with extensive experience in historic militaria, automobiles, and various oddities.

Patrick Kreeger - Historical Advisor

Patrick Ryan Kreeger is a historian and collector with extensive experience in historic militaria, automobiles, and various oddities.

David H. Kerner MBA - Producer & Historical Advisor

David Kerner is our leading producer at Historic Insights as well as being an essential historical advisor and coordinator. David's professional drive allows us to make seemingly impossible projects come to life. As the leading historical producer, David is key to moving past research & design, coordinating and inspecting rentals, coordinating talent, and making feasible the seemingly infeasible. Based in New York, David is a graduate of The American University School of Public Affairs, bringing his own unique perspective to our wide of array of expertise. He is also graduate of the Hofstra University Zarb School of Business MBA program in International Business.

Chris Beresovoy- Historical Advisor

Chris Beresovoy- Historical Advisor

David Grace - Tactical Advisor & Armorer

David Grace has been a living historian for over thirty years, attaining vast experience on a wide array of historical weaponry and tactics used by Western mlitaries in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. David is the Historic Insights set armorer and firearms expert. He acquires and handles on-set weaponry, and is our leading tactical advisor, training actors and crew alike in the handling and use of historical arms.

Stephanie Tiedt - Social Historian

Stephanie is an historian and costumer with over ten years experience in historical research and costuming. A graduate of Concordia University, Stephanie is a leading advisor on social history and daily life details. Stephanie also plays a pivotal role in research, design, and oversight of historical costuming. Stephanie consults costumers on fabric selection, design, and construction, and leads the women's costuming of our historical endeavors. Stephanie is experienced in American and European History, specializing in Medieval England, and is well versed in Irish Gaelic and Middle English.

Brett Gibbons - Historical Advisor, Firearms

Brett Gibbons - Historical Advisor, Firearms


additional team members



Didda Scheving - Costume Designer


Chris Ziedonis - Researcher & Weapons Expert (20th c.)