We know history. Our experienced team of historians is ready to aid and assist filmmakers, artists, and educators in bringing the past to life. Our team is composed of learned historians, veteran filmmakers, and dedicated professionals.  Let us use our passion for history, research, and detail to help you make your next project accurate, meaningful, and compelling.

Reenactor Coordinators

Our team can assemble an army at will. As  experienced reenactor coordinators we can organize well-trained and professional living historians for your next motion picture endeavor. Having veteran reenactors in your production is an effective choice in your portrayal, fully trained actors with uniforms and equipment available, whether its five or five hundred soldiers.


Historical producers

From research and design, to rental, acquisition, and construction, historical costuming is something that rarely comes with an instruction manual, and we excel and coaching production teams through the arduous process of sartorial history. Our team can assist your costumers, or bring in our own staff to take a hands on approach to bringing realism to your costumes.

American Civil war

American War of Independence


We specialize in obscure antiquities, militaria, and numismatics. Our team will do our best to identify and approximate value for all your historic treasures! 

Historic Insights advisors were featured on Season 10 of  STORAGE WARS



We work with production teams, actors, and dialect coaches to pinpoint accents, dialects, and languages appropriate to the situation. We work with existing dialect coaches or can provide suitable coaches for your cast. This includes but it is not limited to a range of historical and modern British and American accents, and also includes the many languages that our diverse team speaks which include: English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian, Russian, Belarusian, Arabic, Kurdish, Icelandic, Tagalog, Hebrew, Irish Gaelic, & Middle English. If we can't suit your linguistic needs we promise to find someone who will. 

Script & Research

As historians we aim to assist and advise filmmakers in tailoring the script and production plans with the history you intend to portray. Conversely, we also research to find appropriate situations in history that fit with your production's budget and capabilities. Want to make a Civil War movie but your budget won't let you film in a Virginia-like landscape? Let's find a theatre of the war that more matches your resources and landscape instead of making it blatantly wrong.  



We facilitate and produce educational programs with our wide array of historians, living historians, and performers. These displays and lectures include various topics in the American Civil War, the American Revolution, the history of the Flag, British history, French history, Italian history, and many topics from the Ancient World, to Medieval Europe, to the Modern Era. These we do at discounted rates for schools and non-profit organizations, and are available in  both in Southern California and with our Eastern branch in Pennsylvania. 


Production Design

Our team guides and assists production designers and art department crews in developing their vision, and then we facilitate making that vision come to life. We coordinate props and other equipment, balancing content and historical accuracy with your budget. We can help your team create your ideal historical scene with the people to fill it and the research to make it all as accurate as possible. 



White House North Lawn


What did the White House look like during the Polk Administration? What do we plant to make this site less modern? Is this palm tree going to ruin our shot if this is supposed to be Pennsylvania? We help filmmakers and historical professionals to recreate historical scenery and landscapes. From designing sets, to tailoring your location landscape, to assisting VFX in recreating the appropriate scene, our team boasts experienced horticultural professionals with the knowhow to make your project come to life.