51 Stars

51 Stars?
Puerto Rican Admission to the Union
Photo by Brennan Linsley / AP

There are always exciting happenings in the world of vexillology, today we will be covering the possible change in the United States flag as a result of Puerto Rico's application to join the Union. We are getting ever closer to having to change our flags. 

Every time we have a possible change in flags, people bring out the most ridiculous designs. Many Puerto Ricans in fact support this circular design, as it was adopted by the Puerto Rico Statehood Movement in years past. Alas, should we add a 51st star to our flag we will most likely follow the same formula for spacing. Using some sort of heraldic mathematical wizardry, Skip Garabaldi, created this program to showcase the possibility of future admissions to the Union. 
So place your orders to be prepared, but should this flag change happen in the near future, it's going to be a logistical nightmare when it comes to the update. In fact, the change may seem so minimal, we might be a bit lazy about going about it, as I highlighted with our friends in Iraq... The Iraqi Flag: Seeds of Disunity